Who is Around our Table for? 


Our vision is to create the most inclusive, diverse and engaged discussion platform yet. Our goal is to expand perspectives, we welcome all viewpoints, age groups, ethnicities, genders, professions and more. 


Respect and empathy required but all perspectives welcome. 


Where do these discussions take place?


Online, like most businesses, we’ve made some major changes this year. We are shifting all of our discussions to an online platform.


Podbean is our current online platform. 


What do I need to participate in discussions?


  • Podbean: You need to have an account on Podbean, free, easy to use. 

We are in the process of building our own software but this is the best software for now. 


  • Headphones: If you would like to take part in the discussion, Podbean requires that all participants wear headphones to reduce the call in background noise!


If I “attend” the session do I have to participate in the discussion?


Absolutely not, we would certainly love for you to take part if you feel comfortable and inspired to do so but we welcome listeners. Maybe you’ll be inspired to take part in the next discussion. 


How long are the discussions?


Each discussion will last approximately 45 minutes: 


We prepare 6 statements and each statement will be discussed for 7 minutes, so the discussions are short, interactive and digestible.