Who We Are & What We Do

Around our Table, is an interactive multi-perspective discussion platform.

We facilitate multi-perspective discussions that promote critical thinking and engagement. 

Our Mission

We are on a mission to disrupt single-narrative platforms, revolutionizing the way we approach problem solving.

Our Vision

Create the most inclusive, diverse, and engaged discussion platform ever.

What We Believe

We believe in the power of ideas and the importance of making knowledge accessible to all learners, from diverse community members to students. Around Our Table was born in an attempt to understand best practices and methods for inspiring innovative, critical and imaginative thinking to solve complex social issues.

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What We are Doing




We've taken the traditional, single-narrative, one-to-many (speakers, lecturers), methods of sharing information and simply expanded them. Our unique many-to-many approach is a multi-perspective format that allows for the dissemination of ideas and information

Around our table uses a unique, moderated discussion format that consists of thought-provoking prompts (never questions)

 This format allows each participant to:


  • build off a current argument 

  • Add diverse insight 

  • Challenge views  

  • Add relevant but potentially overlooked information 

  • Approach each statement from multiple perspectives